Family Business Succession Planning


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Tom Deans Understands Family Business Relationships

Tom knows from experience that the smoothest road to family wealth wisdom is through honest conversation.

Tom knows about family business relationships: he was president of his family-owned multi-national corporation for almost a decade. Three generations of Tom’s family have successfully sold their businesses for a combined value exceeding $100 million.

They attribute their success to the 12 Common Sense Questions Tom offers in his book, Every Family’s Business. These questions help families stay focused on building wealth, protecting it and keeping family relationships intact.

Sold in 14 countries, Every Family’s Business is the best-selling family business book of all time and has changed the lives of thousands of business owners and their families.

Tom has delivered his revolutionary approach to family business succession planning to all manner of families, from billionaires in South Dakota to impoverished coffee growers in El Salvador.

Now available in Audiobook Format.


Listen Before You Buy

Listen Before You Buy

Introduction: Every Family’s Business
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Confessions on Flight 371
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Relatives in The Business…Someone Call Security
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Fire Me…Please
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Selling The Business…Creative Destruction
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