Family Business Succession Planning


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Family Business Facilitation

What’s In Your Exit Plan?™

Tom Deans’ high-impact 3-hour boardroom session is guaranteed to get families talking about how, when and to whom their business will be transferred. Trusted advisors know that unlike wine, these issues, when left unaddressed, seldom get better with time.

Tom is not a family business consultant and by design limits his interaction with a business owner and family to one 3-hour session. This proven approach fits well with a business owner’s time constraints and fosters a sense of urgency about dealing directly with exit planning issues. Tom requires that each facilitation session be attended by at least one of the client’s trusted advisors.

The facilitation focuses on eliciting answers to the 12 questions aimed at protecting family business wealth revealed in Tom’s international best-selling book, Every Family’s Business. The answers form a family blueprint that will assist a controlling shareholder with his or her exit from the business.

Retirements Are Expected To Be Longer and More Expensive

Business owners need help now with the last and most important deal of their lives – their exit.

It is strongly recommended that each participant read (or listen to the audiobook) of Every Family’s Business prior to attending the facilitation meeting.

This must-experience exit-planning facilitation is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on participants and to equip them to take concrete steps to work with their advisors to transition the business and protect generational wealth and family relationships.

Bookings are typically made 3–6 months in advance of the facilitation and are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The vast majority of Tom’s bookings are made through trusted family advisors, including:

– Wealth management advisors
– Accountants
– Attorneys
– Family business consultants
– Business valuators
– Insurance professionals
– Private equity firms
– Investment bankers

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