Family Business Succession Planning

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New York Times - 10 Books Business Owners Should Read

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Every Family’s Business teaches you to make your wealth your family legacy..

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Learn the fundamentals of bringing wealth
wisdom into the family business.

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Willing Wisdom offers 7 Inspiring Questions to guide your giving decisions.

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Every Family’s Business selected by New York Times

10 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

Every Family’s Business has been selected by prominent New York Times business blogger Josh Patrick as one of 10 books that every business owner should read. The books on the list detail how to ensure success, manage crisis, and, in the case of Every Family’s Business, determine the best exit strategy.

Your Family is Your Legacy

Gifting your business to your children can damage your business and undermine family relationships

Every Family’s Business is the first book to challenge the idea that family businesses must keep business and family issues separate. Tom Deans offers the compelling new perspective that it is, in fact, impossible to separate family and business.

Tom argues that instead, the best thing a family in business can do is abandon the idea of gifting a business and replace it with clarity about who will buy the business.

A family that can talk openly and honestly about when and to whom the business will be sold has positioned itself for financial and relational success.

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Tom Deans specializes in teaching business wealth protection strategies

By combining humor and his first-hand experience as president of a family-owned multi-national corporation for almost a decade, he has shown tens of thousands of business owners how to protect the retained earnings in their business.

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Gift your Wealth not your Business
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