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Giving children the keys to the family business instead of having them purchase controlling shares can destroy wealth and family relationships with blinding speed. Many family businesses come to the end of their productive life but instead of selling them and deriving at least some value, owners pass them to the next generation. It’s difficult to change or sell a gift, so the kids, in the spirit of preserving family reputation, legacy and pride, often preside over the failure of the business and are rewarded with the shame and blame for its demise.

Having successfully run his father’s business and helped sell it at the peak of its market value before the market crash in early 2007, Tom has emerged as a leading global expert on family business dynamics.

As the most in-demand family business speaker in North America, Tom is constantly meeting business owners and families who lament not hearing his message years earlier.

There has never been a better time to read Tom’s book and hear his urgent message. The result of poor succession planning is almost always lost wealth and family feuding.

Protect your business-owner clients by learning how to take them through Tom’s 12 Questions to prepare them to sell their business – to their children or to someone else.


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