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My Top 10 Tips to Shorten the Life of Your Family Business

Top 10 Tips to Shorten the Life of a Family Business

I’ve certainly enjoyed more than my fair share of quality time on airplanes to contemplate some of the fascinating family business stories I’ve collected on the speaking circuit. It’s pretty common for professional speakers to spend a little time with audience members who confess their stories and share details about their family firm fiascos after […]

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Isn’t It Time You Bought Your Competitor Lunch?

Business Succession Planning: Isn’t It Time You Bought Your Competitor Lunch?

For me, business has always been about dominating the competition – not just beating them but seriously overpowering them. Personal enmity has never driven this approach but rather a kind of institutional loathing underpinned by the idea that there is a finite number of customers worth battling for. I have never sought my inspiration from […]

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Why Do Family Business Owners Often Die at their Desk?

I was speaking to a friend who owns a successful manufacturing business and asked him when he plans to sell his business”. His response echoed something that I’m hearing more and more from business owners in my audience. “I can’t afford to sell – if I sell and take the proceeds and invest in this […]

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Talking About Wills and Shareholder Agreements on Planes

Talk about life imitating art. Last week, flying back from the west coast, I sat beside an elderly gentleman who said he recognized me as the author of Every Family’s Business. I’m thinking this is very cool. After more than 200 speeches I’ve finally made it – I’m not just a best-selling author I’m a […]

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